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 I had a zombie-killing dream.

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I had a zombie-killing dream. Empty
PostSubject: I had a zombie-killing dream.   I had a zombie-killing dream. EmptyMon May 24, 2010 11:21 am

Last night, I had a dream about a zombie killing apocalypse.

I was at school. People were throwing plastic eyeballs. I went to my last class of the day, but somebody told me I was supposed to report to Art.
I went there, and everyone was sitting on plastic little square white seats on and around plexiglass. I sat next to one of my friends. We were watching a nature video.
My dream then jumped into where I was in the nature video.
But it wasn't a nature video anymore.
I was in a world of odd and strange plants. Around me was a plain, with small groups of trees gathered nearby. On my left side, there was a collab of slabs of thin rock, and on top of all of that, there was a building with twin metal doors.
I went up to the metal doors, and looked inside. There was a huge helicopter that looked sort of like a Samson from Avatar whirling around.
I went down one slab and looked around. There was a person nearby. I said hello. I don't remember what happened after that, but we became friends. I don't remember her name. (yes, she was a girl).
Anyways, a wolf attacked me, but missed the first time. Before it could charge me a second time, the girl said in Avatar-speak for it to stop. It obeyed, but only hesitantly.
Afterwards, she was petting the wolf, when I went up to the metal doors and looked inside.
It was dark.
It was empty.
And the door was now closed. It wasn't before.
I shouted to the girl that it was closed, and she and her wolf came up. She went inside, and looked around. There was an open area across from the door where I was. Zombies came pouring in.
Apparently, I had been playing too much Zombie Horde 3 lately, and they came carrying weapons. The girl tossed me two plastic U shaped weapons with a rod at the end (so it kind of looked like a --C ).
I attacked the zombies that came, aiming for their neck. I slashed with the plastic weapons, but the zombie I was fighting carried the same kind of weapon. I lost one of my rods, so I grabbed its neck with my weapon and twisted it backwards. My weapon broke. I got the other one, and kept attacking the zombies.
There seemed to be no end of them.

One of the zombies was wearing a bloody-red cloak. It had no weapon. It was, however, changing the other zombies weapons into powerful spears. I was backed against a wall when a zombie threw its spear at me and missed.
I grabbed the spear embedded in the wall and charged.
Smacking zombies around with the spear, I didn't throw it, but kept it near me. I stabbed at zombies head, missing a few times, but always eventually killing the zombie. I had held them long enough for the girl to open up the door and let me in. Her wolf died long ago.
We were walking down the hall when my sister woke me up from this dream.

It told me that I will survive when the apocalypse happens.
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I had a zombie-killing dream. Empty
PostSubject: Re: I had a zombie-killing dream.   I had a zombie-killing dream. EmptyMon May 24, 2010 11:52 pm

That's very cool. I'm working on a novel. The thing that set it off was the massive amounts of zombie dreams I had been having. What I did was kept a journal. Keep a notebook and something to write with next to your bed and write down everything you can remember before the dream disappears from your memory completely. You wont remember everything, but the most important details will stick.

I like how it combined Avatar, zombies and Day Breakers. I say Day Breakers because they used a similar weapon to subdue the subsiders.

Very cool though. Keep us posted. Very Happy

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I had a zombie-killing dream.
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