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 Dead Rush - PS2

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PostSubject: Dead Rush - PS2   Tue May 25, 2010 2:20 am

The town of Eastport has been decimated by an earthquake. You play as Jake, an amnesiac, who is trying to find out what has happened to his home.

You can operate one of many vehicles dispersed throughout Eastport. The vehicles provide armor and transportation. You'll be able to combine parts from wrecked vehicles to create new ones. Through the assistance of a female character you could apply new parts and items to cars to make them more powerful.

Much like modern video-games this game featured fewer load times than it's predecessors. After the initial load of the game it would never pause to load from the disc again.

Announced at E3 in 2004 it was to be released in 2005. But it was canceled soon after. A preview in Nintendo Power dubbed the game "Grand Theft Undead".

Quote :
Dead Rush is one hell of an action game, at least potentially. It's meant to be a huge rush of adrenaline, from the mad dash to a car, through the creature-filled streets, to camps, larger cars, and finally larger and more powerful creatures. The game is due sometime in 2005, which means anytime in 2005, and so the game is early. That shows up most readily in the graphics side of things. Dead Rush is a fast moving game, but the art style is dark and plain thus far, and visually it could use a lot of work. At this point, Treyarch has at least a year before it's completed, so the team can take care of this issue, but it appears that the team's focused on gameplay -- fast, furious, hot-and-heavy gameplay. Call if a survival horror game on crack, the antidote to survival horror, or even car horror, but any way you slice it, Dead Rush is its own non-stop ball of Ritalin-injected, smash-action fun. Check the video to see for yourself.

* Welcome to Eastport – Dead Rush immerses you in a world like no other – lost and abandoned, you must navigate a free-roaming besieged city rife with evil, earthquakes and loads of interactive and destructible objects.

* Vehicular slaughter – Vehicles are not only your transportation – they’re also your weapons. Get in a variety of vehicles such as muscle cars, buses, military vehicles, SUVs, sedans and more as you navigate, explore and accomplish objectives, all while trashing evil beasts to stay alive.

* Scavenge or die – Upgrade or repair your car with spare parts found throughout the city. Be on the lookout for doors, armor and UV lights for protection, as well as speed and handling upgrades. But, time your repairs wisely – enemies never rest when on the hunt.

* Endless array of weapons – Take down a massive variety of enemies with weapons you scavenge throughout the city, including melee weapons such as machetes and chainsaws, or blast them with heavy firepower like shotguns, grenade launchers, shark bang sticks and more.

* Intense road rage – Race through the city in panic-filled driving as enemies cling to vehicles, rip them apart and alter the physics of vehicles with their weight as they hunt you down. Swerve, brake, scrape, shoot, crash, or outrun to dislodge creatures

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Dead Rush - PS2
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