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 Recruitment and Project Aspirations

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PostSubject: Recruitment and Project Aspirations   Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:25 am

1. Google maps to zombie movie extras, zombie walks, zombie premiers and pretty much any other activity considering zombies.
2. A complete database* of information regarding all zombie movies, books, video games and other relevant materials.
3. Above standard reviewers to submit reviews concerning #2 database content.
4. Up to date links to amazon, book sellers and other sites to provide links to sales. Best value and reliability needs to be considered. Future plans to distribute through the warehouse.
5. Best news resources, up to the minute information, need to have it as soon as its said no excuse. The Horrorscope.
6. Arcade with the most comprehensive library, need to get permission from producers.
7. Comprehensive video library, hosting all licensable videos and tv shows (powered by video rental service).
8. Members database, this will correspond with main database and their collections will be available when the user edits his/ her profile. Use dvdaf as an example.
9. Developer community. We need a hub for producers, writers, directors, actors, artists; you name it, we need to get these people together and using our service to communicate to create and complete projects.
10. Establish a corporation to produce movies, games, books and whatever else. We can have short story contests to publish anthologies. Get the people involved in the corp, give them jobs, help them generate revenue. In the long run create different membership levels for the general community, developers and staff positions. Trial gold memberships through a moderated recommendation.

Staff positions:
Web design
News team
Database management (data entry)
Moderation and Administration
Concept designers
Merchandise Handers (creating t-shirts and other merch)
Street teams to organize events and participate

I'm sure there are several other essential staff needed but that's as far as I can think right now. This is going to be a major undertaking and we cannot afford to skimp in the least.

*The database will consist of relevant information regarding subject material. Not all topics will be included in the different categories (ie Movies, Video games, Books...), the topics follow along the lines of: Cast, Synopsis, Scripts (get a team to write scripts from existing movies if they cannot be found or contact the production companies to obtain copies, we can try to sell printed scripts as merch), Reviews, Walkthroughs, yadda..

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Recruitment and Project Aspirations
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